Instructions to access the MOOC


  1. First of all it is necessary to obtain access to the Unitelma platform; this is done by filling in the following form:
  2. Secondly, once you have received the access data (a matter of a few hours, unfortunately), enter from the following link:
  3. Once you are in, change the language from Italian to English, top right; then use the Navigation panel and select Mayfair
  4. At this point, you have at your disposal all the course pdfs; if you want to give them a read, it does no harm, also because they are useful things at least for those interested in mobility; in any case, once you have read the materials, you must fill in the final questionnaire to prove that you have actually done the course
  5. Once you have finished all the points above, it only remains to fill in the evaluation at the following link: